Pipe Shipping

Shipping Options
At the Womble Company you have the option to ship your product via rail, barge, or truck.  It is up to you the customer to arrange for the shipping of the product once you  have been contacted via email that your order has been completed.  The most common choice is by truck where we will either pyramid load or strip load, whichever the customer prefers. 

Shipping Process
Upon arrival at our truck staging yard the truck is met by a yard employee that captures specifc details regarding the truck and the driver is provided the required paperwork that needs to be completed that allows the Womble shipping department to verify the Womble order number and specific pipe that we are to release.  Once the paperwork has been completed and verified by the shipping department the load out packet is returned the the driver who is released to the appropriate yard to be loaded. At the rack location where the pipe is stored, we scan each individual serialized joint as it’s on the forks of the fork truck, prior to it being placed on the truck. Once the truck has been loaded, the driver is directed office for that yard where we inspect the load and verify the joint count via a second scan of the pipe on the truck. A Bill of Lading and Shipping Tally are genereated in the office while the driver straps down the load. Once complete, a 360 degree video is taken of the load, the driver signs the Bill of Lading and the truck proceeds to the gate where it is scanned out prior to leaving the premises.
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